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50+ Years of Combined Experience!

  • Enhanced Medical Billing of Long Island, LLC is an innovative Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Practice Management and Consulting Company. Our primary goal is to obtain maximum claims reimbursement in a timely manner and at an affordable rate.
  • Using the latest technology available, we have the ability to provide prompt and effective services to our clients while maintaining HIPAA Privacy Practices.
  • Our Staff has over 65 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Insurance Industry and will provide your practice with Enhanced Billing and Training Services.
Enhanced Medical Billing of Long Island LLC.
  • After working in the medical field in various types of medical settings, large and small, hospitals and physician practices; I decided to offer a streamlined, reliable and less expensive medical billing service tailored to your individual needs. By doing so, Enhanced Medical Billing of Long Island, LLC is an efficient, "off-site billing staff" without the cost of onsite financial obligations. We strive to maintain a personal connection with your practice as if we were your "on site" billing staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are asked most frequently by prospective clients.

How much does this cost?

The cost will vary based on your needs as every practice has different specialties and needs. Most offices are very pleased with our rate structure.

How easy is this to use?

Our program is very intuitive and easy to use. Most importantly, if you aren't quite sure about a particular function, our support staff is available to answer any questions.

Do I have to purchase software? / Do I have to use your software?

While we are very confident with the software we use fits most billing applications, we certainly understand that you may prefer to keep your own software. Whether choosing to use our software or your own, the options are discussed and the decision is yours.

How long do you go after insurance claims?

As long as there is a chance for payment, we will pursue it.

How quickly does our office receive payments?

The turnaround time on claim payments averages 7 - 14 days. With the implementation of ERAs and EFTs, claims are processed and paid even faster.

How long have you been in business?

Enhanced Medical Billing of Long Island, LLC was established in September 2002, with prior medical field/medical billing experience since 1990. Our knowledgeable staff collectively, we have combined experience of over 65 years in the medical billing field.